Search Engine Basics

Ready to take your business online? Then hang out with your new best friend – Google. Why is Google your best friend? Because without it, no one will find your website, and all of your efforts will have been futile. Some of your more familiar customers will know how to type your company’s name into the address bar and go straight to you, but the objective of putting your business online is to not only engage your regulars, but to deepen your client base and reach people who may not even know that you currently exist. That’s where a search engine like Google and Bing and others come into the picture.

One of the most important aspects of launching your website is understanding how people will find your site and how to make it stick out among the billion or so other sites on the Internet. For the customer or client, using search engines is extremely simple. They just go to the search engine, type in what they want to find and Enter. They don’t personally care about the inner workings or the strategies behind the results, they are relying on the search engine to give them choices of where to go next. But for the business owner, this is where you want to make sure that your site has been optimized so that the search engines can readily find you and place you high in the results.

This process is referred to as ranking – your goal is to rank as high as possible with the search engines, because when a user goes to look for information, the odds are high that they will review the first page of results – perhaps the second page, and make their decision at that point. Once they start clicking, you’ve potentially lost this user if they aren’t clicking on your site. Then you have to rely on the possibility that their click may lead to them somewhere that doesn’t meet their needs, and they will hit Back, return to the Results page, and click again. With those odds, you don’t want your site to be listed on page 8 of 22.

How can you make sure that your site will be found? It’s all about the keywords. Remember as far back as elementary school when you learned to use adjectives? You likely had to do little assignments where you looked at a picture of an animal or other object, and you had to make a list of all of the words that described that animal. Words like furry, fast, and big were probably on your list, but thinking out of the box even way back then, you might have put, hungry, dangerous and agile in there too. When building keywords for your website, you need to think out of the box in that same manner. You’ll want to think hard about all of the obvious words that describe your business, and then when you’ve exhausted those possibilities, you’ll think of the not-so obvious words that would also lead people to your site. For instance, a deli might have keywords like pastrami and turkey, but also fresh, lunch and catering. Get it? It’s really not that difficult and it can be quite fun to build your keywords list!

Work closely with your webmaster to come up with the best keywords for your site so that Google can be your friend too! Fraser Web Solutions is experienced in search engine optimization and will ensure that your business builds the ranking it deserves. Contact me for a free consultation today and let’s take a look and see where your site currently ranks in the search results.